IV Sedation

IV Sedation

IV Sedation is one of the most effective forms of dental sedation. The technique uses medications to relieve pain and sedate the patient. The drugs are administered directly into the veins producing a very relaxed state. Dr. Ryan was one of the first 100 dentists in California to obtain a permit to administer this form of sedation for dentistry.

I can’t get numb, can you help me?

Yes, IV sedation is very beneficial for patients with a history of being unable to get numb. The combination of the medications used helps alleviate this frustrating problem. You will not have pain while being treated!

I gag very easily, will IV sedation help?

Yes! The sedation eliminates gagging so that Dr. Ryan is able to do the necessary dental work without the discomfort of gagging. Many of the patients we see have difficulty having Xrays taken but with the help of IV sedation we are able to secure the needed Xrays for a thorough diagnosis!

Can I drive myself to my appointment if I opt for intravenous sedation?

No. You will need a ride home. In the event you are stopped by a law officer, because of the drugs used, you would be considered “under the influence” and could be arrested.

Will I be “unconscious” if I use IV sedation?

The level of sedation can be adjusted for each patient.  The majority of our patients’ response to the drugs is that of a light sleep. Patients are still able to breathe on their own and have all of their protective safety reflexes in place.  The drugs create an amnesic effect and most patients don’t remember their appointment the next day!

What is the cost of IV Sedation?

In most cases, the cost of sedation is included in the treatment estimate just as it is for local anesthetic. 

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