Health Tap has only been in existence since mid-2010. At Health Tap, you can ask any medical question you may have. There are over 42,000 registered and licensed health care practitioners (most are physicians) that will provide direct, one-on-one answers to the questions submitted.Dr. Ryan is one of the Founding Experts of Health Tap. Unlike WebMD, the answers to your questions are not ‘canned’ and issued by a computer. They are answered directly by one of their participating doctors and each ‘medical expert’ has to be licensed to practice in order to participate. Answers are a direct response to your particular question.You, as a registered patient, may receive answers from multiple doctors as a form of ‘multiple opinions’ to the same question. Or you can direct questions to a particular doctor if desired. Click here to register and learn details. You may then begin asking direct and detailed questions as they pertain to you and your family.    

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